About Us

We are a team of professionals with the goal of making electronics easy to use, and precision tools of efficiency. Our focus is asset protection, but we also work with anything that plugs in or runs on batteries. The ElecTech team has a comprehensive knowledge of cannabis facilities security systems, networking, cameras, door access systems, computer systems, point of sale systems, and distributed audio and video. We have not spent a dime on marketing to date. Word of mouth is all we have needed to remain constantly booked on projects for years. We pass the savings of our low marketing budgets on to our clients. ElecTech is the best kept secret in Low Voltage System Integration.


dan_stofka_profileIn the last 18 years Dan has worked in technology, manufacturing, and retail. He has been the founder or principal in several ventures.

Dan has worked in electronics all of his adult life, and he has always had a passion for them. At age six he was fixing am/fm radios, and at twelve he was re-wiring and adding telephone ports throughout his parents house. He was accepted to a rare computer science program for high school, and soon after started his first business doing home automation and home theater. Even while still in high school he managed multiple departments at a local Best Buy, and was considered top 1% of management out of over 600 stores on a consistent basis.

After his first business in home theater and automation saw the effects of the economy drop, he took a management position with Office Depot. He helped develop the tech repair program utilized at 1200+ Office Depot retail stores. He also trained hundreds of employees and managers as he himself managed at the training store for Colorado. After working there he was utilized to repair many other underperforming stores.

He has been working with Dispensaries and Grows since their influx in 2009, and in 2011 took the position of I.T. Director for Colorado Dispensary Services which operated two grow facilities and four retail stores. He was an integral part of developing company processes, and also completed many other projects. He supplied the security plan, safety plans, employee HR processes, handled all technology issues, managed all security systems, and even worked behind the counter on occasion to stay close to the customer.

In 2013 he founded ElecTech LLC with a focus on cannabis security and technology. They have supplied camera surveillance, security alarms, and tech services to dozens of businesses in multiple states. From retail to manufacturing, tech support to process management, every aspect of developing the right security system for your needs has been covered.


Project manager, Jonathan Clark has worked with Dan in the technology field for over 5 years. His detailed knowledge, experience, and wisdom of security systems, door access, and surveillance cameras gives ElecTech the competitive edge on every project. On top of unparalleled knowledge and experience, his customer service skills are always considered above and beyond. He truly extends the Electech mission of taking care of people.



OF COURSE,  the biggest selling point for our organization is the customer service we provide. We are dedicated to our clients before, during, and especially after the sale. We live by the saying, “you can take advantage of someone once, or you can take care of them for the rest of their lives.”

We believe our people make us what we are. We would not be here, or have the opportunity to move forward without the support of our great staff and our customers. We appreciate you more than you can know.  We look forward to years of mutual growth and success.