Cannabis Cultivation, Processor, and Dispensary Security

If you are looking for the best kept secret in cannabis security, look no further. We have been doing compliant security systems from the first day regulations took effect in Colorado.

Thank you for your interest in ElecTech. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, our history, and explain our focus in this marketplace.

The Cannabis industry has seen growth at an unprecedented rate in a very short amount of time. A modern day Gold Rush, there are no shortages of services being provided to those who wish to produce and sell Cannabis. Like any other industry, the most valuable assets a company can offer its clients are experience, integrity, and capacity. These are the core tenants of ElecTech and why we believe we are the finest security provider in this space.

Since 2013 ElecTech has serviced the electronic security needs of Cannabis facilities in Colorado, Nevada, and Illinois. ElecTech President Dan Stofka parlayed his vast experience in tech, software, hardware and system design/installation into a company that focuses on the unique requirements (regulatory as well as business) of the emerging Cannabis industry. He actually acquired contracts for compliant security systems in Colorado before any regulations took effect with another establishment he helped create as well. Working entirely on a personal referral basis, ElecTech has designed and implemented security systems for Colorado dispensaries, Infused Product Manufacturers, and cultivation sites (indoor, outdoor and greenhouses included), Illinois based cultivations centers, and Nevada cultivation centers as well. We have considerable intellectual property in regards to meeting/exceeding regulatory compliance concerns, how cameras in a cultivation facility can affect the plant’s health, and unique challenges poised by greenhouses as well as outdoor grows etc. As a business forward tool, our security systems provide owners with far superior capabilities in regards to tracking, data retention, and theft mitigation.

We believe that our client’s best interests are singularly the most important component to our success. The process of designing an electronic security system takes into consideration the most straight line approach to delivering superior results. Using the latest technology, in the most appropriate fashion… often means less is more. We can generate a 3D model of the facility as well as multiple camera configurations in the planning stage to fine tune the system to the client’s needs, wishes, and budget. We have been contracted to review other companies’ security plans and have been able to save our client’s many tens of thousands of dollars in some cases. One of our most coveted quotes is that “we can take advantage of someone once, or we can take care of them for their entire life.” Doing the right thing is not only moral, but also good business.

As ElecTech has expanded beyond Colorado we have created offices in other states, such as Nevada as well as actively creating strategic partnerships with contractors and service providers throughout the U.S and Canada to facilitate installation. We vet all subcontractors and oversee all installations. The final system programming and any customizations are always done by an ElecTech representative. In any state venue that we operate in, our highest concerns are regulatory compliance and creating an effective business tool.

Our Services-
We have been involved in the application stage for clients, designing their security systems and protocols. We have worked with some of the finest consultants in the industry and have been involved in multiple successful bids for licensure. Aside from being security professionals, we also specialize in all low voltage equipment. TV’s, distributed audio, networking, and computers, to name a few. We look forward to being there for our clients and are deeply gratified by the trust they place in us and our services.

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Thank you again for inquiring, and we look forward to helping you with your business!